[Recommended] Lastno Unknown Journal Article

[Recommended] Lastno Unknown Journal Article

1. An introduction that leads us in.

2. A thesis statement positioned in a predictable spot in the introduction (second to last sentence in the introduction). Briefly, a thesis is your claim, your main point, the heart of your essay, or if you like driving, the steering wheel of your essay. We should be able to read your thesis and know what you are going to argue, describe, or explain in your essay.

3. In the body of your essay develop at least three ideas (paragraphs) that support and defend your thesis. This is 120 so you don’t have to limit your ideas to 3. Also, your ideas don’t have to be 1 paragraph. If it takes 2 or 3 to fully realize your idea, OK.

4. You must have a conclusion that concludes. Restate your thesis, but do not reproduce it. How has your thesis changed over the course of writing? Conclusions that conclude: What are your suggestions? What are your predictions? Sum up your analysis.

5. You must have a Works Cited page.

6. (You must make an effort to incorporate at least 3-4 outside texts into your paper.

1 source = primary source; 2 sources = secondary)No Wikipedia on this paper. Your sources must have author names: first and last

No unknown journal article

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