[Recommended] Java Task 2 Java

[Recommended] Java Task 2 Java

 Click here to submit your solution to Lab Assignment 7.Submit copies of any Java source code files you create or modify, specifically:

  • Time.java
  • TimeDemo.java
  • Task 2 Java program

Use two sets of data to demonstrate successful execution of Task 1:

  • Use the six valid military time values given as part of Task #1 as one set and then
  • use the six invalid military time values given as part of Task #1 as the second set.

These values can be found in step 5 of Task 1.Don’t forget to also complete and submit your successful solution to Task 2. 

 You will need these files to successfully complete Lab Assignment 7:

  • Time.java, Class definition for the Time class.
  • TimeDemo.java, “Driver” program for time processing.
  • secret.txt, Secret message file.

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