[Recommended] Information Technology Change

[Recommended] Information Technology Change

Gallagher Laver and Mair


Answer ONE (1) of the following questions in your post:

Question #1: What is corporatism? How does corporatism relate to what you know about interest groups in the United States in a reputational sense? What can we learn from European countries that display corporatist trends?

Question #2: What are the effects of pluralism? Why might groups concerned with the environment, women’s issues, or other concerns have an easier time being heard in a pluralist system? What other issue advocates (if any) might become prominent in Europe in coming years? Why?

Question #3: What are policy networks?  Why are they salient at the level of the European Union?  How might the revolution in Information Technology change them?


The same standards (3-4 paragraph posts, attention to grammar, critical analysis rather than recitation of materials) apply to your main post this week

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