[Recommended] Increase Engagement Objective –

[Recommended] Increase Engagement Objective –


Event- ALUMNI/Faculty Basketball Games)

·         Part 1: Establishing your fundraising event

o    1. Identify your goals and objectives

Setting up your goals is the first thing you need to include in your fundraising event planning template. Your goals define your fundraising success. If you want to get clear results you need to have clear goals. Follow the SMART method in your goal setting. Your objectives should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT – List at least two goals and at least two objectives for each goal. For example:

GOAL 1 – To raise funds for the tennis and volleyball teams

            Objective – Host athletic banquet for the teams

            Objective – Make banquet an annual event

GOAL 2 – Involve several groups to increase visibility of the teams for the banquet

            Objective – Promote event to alumni to increase engagement

            Objective – Incentivize engagement among athletes to promote banquet

o    2. Set up the fundraising committee

The fundraising committee is composed of the committee chair and the committee members. They are responsible for the creation of fundraising opportunities and the management of the whole event. They are also responsible for accounting and keeping track of the finances raised.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT – List all names, titles involved in organizing the event.

o    3. Brainstorm and strategize

A good fundraising strategy is a carefully planned method that aims to achieve all the fundraising objectives. To simply put it, it is the means of how your organization will generate funds. One of the common strategies organizations use is selling tickets by hosting golf tournaments, talent shows, or concerts.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT – List your strategies for your event. Refer back to your objectives.

o    4. Make a budget plan for your fundraising event

List the specific items you need to purchase or you need to rent. Then designate estimated costs for each. More event organizers have considered doing virtual events. What is good with virtual events is that you’ll be able to save more since you’re not renting a physical space or equipment that goes with an in-person gathering.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT – Create a budget for your event. List what you will need and the cost for each item.

o    5. Decide on a date, venue, and possible materials and service you need to hire

·         Decide on the possible date. How long will the event last? Scout for the most suitable venue and event services. The earlier the better. Reserve your desired venue as early as possible while it is still available.

·         If you are contemplating doing it virtually, you’ll be needing services you are not used to collaborating with like donation software, streaming platforms, and other online tools.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT – List the date, venue, materials and services for your event.

o    6. Construct a tentative program with the activities

You need to consider having a thorough and well-organized program for your fundraising concert, golf tournament, marathon, pet expo, or talent show. How will you start the event and how would you like to finish it? Will there be invited speakers or performances? It will all depend on the event type you’ll choose.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT – Develop the actual program (agenda), invited speakers.

·         Part 2: Fundraising event registration, donation, and strategy

o    7. Set up the registration and donation process

Most organizations, if not all, have websites to promote their events. Setting up a registration page and donation options right on your event website will increase not only your site’s traffic but will result in higher conversion rates. This is because your attendees and sponsors can register directly from your website.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT – Set up a quick registration page. You can do this on Word or Wix. Wix is a free website building program.

o    8. Strategize how to maximize ticket sales

Most fundraisers collect funds by selling tickets. How many tickets do you need to sell in order to hit the desired amount to raise? How much will a ticket cost? Are there any discounts when participants purchase group tickets?

YOUR ASSIGNMENT – List how much you want to make for the event. Next, calculate how many tickets you will need to sell to hit your target.

·         Part 3: Fundraising event marketing and follow-ups

o    9. Promote your fundraising event

·         Your fundraising event planning template will not be complete without the event marketing. You may already have loyal sponsors but promotion is very important especially if you’re planning to reach a wider audience. Advertise your fundraising campaign using your event website.

·         Make use of your email contact list and social media accounts. Add a virtual countdown to build excitement. Encourage loyal sponsors to bring their friends and family with them.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT – Detail how you will market your event. You can simply create a pie chart with labels.

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