[Recommended] Income Tax Benefit 7

[Recommended] Income Tax Benefit 7

Nagy Corporation reported the following income statement in 20X1, along with a comparable income statement for 20X0, its first year of operations:

Income Statement,    20X1 and 20X0 

($ in millions)                                                20X1                20X0      

Sales                                                            $350                   $280 

Cost of goods sold                                  (188)                    (170)

Depreciation expense                               (40)                         (38)

Interest expense                                            (25)                   (22)

Fixed asset impairment                                (30)                         

Other operating expenses                           (99)                        (92)

Loss before income tax benefit                 (32)                    (42)

Income tax benefit                                          7                         9 

Net income                                                  $(25)                    $(33)

In its Form 10-K, Nagy also provided a non-GAAP metric, earnings before depreciation and one-time charges, which was a pre-tax earnings measure that excluded depreciation expense and the one-time fixed-asset impairment charge in 20X1. Nagy reported that its earnings before depreciation and one-time charges was $38 million in 20X1 versus a $4 million loss in 20X1.


Provide the reconciliation (for both 20X1 and 20X0) to the nearest GAAP counterpart that Nagy must include with its non-GAAP metric. (Enter your answers in million. Amounts to be deducted should be indicated by a minus sign.)

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