[Recommended] Include Screen Shots

[Recommended] Include Screen Shots


Craig Reynold’s work on flocking was a seminal development in animation and distributed behavior modeling. A link to the original paper from 1987 can be found at:


In this assignment, that will take the place of our first test, you will:

1. Read the paper and summarize the approach.

2. Describe what boids are. How are they modeled?

3. What forces are considered on the boids at each time step?

4. Provide pseudocode that would allow you to simulate such a system.

5. Provide links to 5 example videos that model flocking in 2D and 3D. Include screen shots of the flocking video and a link to the example.

You should submit a report (as a Word document) that is as detailed as possible. This is a topic that you are expected to delve into. Submit your detailed report by the due date posted on Blackboard. No late assignments will be accepted.

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