[Recommended] Identify One Area

[Recommended] Identify One Area

This discussion focuses on the competency “Develop family and community partnerships to advocate for diverse families and their needs” and the transferable skills of communication and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Keep in mind the issues and topics discussed. Consider what you believe about them and what you want to learn more about still as you complete each discussion. You are encouraged to revisit the discussions to reflect on your growth and learning through the coursework to complete your Philosophy of Teaching Statement.

For this discussion, think about a time in the past when you had a conversation with someone, and you were not given the opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions. How did you feel during the conversation? Did you tune the person out? Did you feel unvalued? How can you, as an educator, be sure that families are included in conversations and feel comfortable giving their input? How have your communication skills developed or improved as you have completed your coursework? Consider how you feel and what your philosophy is about conversations with parents/families.


In your initial post:

  • What are your current communication strengths with families?
  • Identify one area you would like to improve concerning communication with diverse families.
  • When communicating with families, what goals do you/should you have that will help to strengthen your relationship with them?

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