[Recommended] Host Nameyou May Also

[Recommended] Host Nameyou May Also

Note: In the doc file you submitted should contain the following information:

1) Project description

2) How to run your program

3) Screenshots of each test


What to type on the command line to test part A, part B and part C. (in other words, how to run your programs)

You may not use the built in RSA classes! (otherwise you get a 0 on part A!). You may not use non JDK libraries. The JDK API documentation is available from


As Java is 100% portable, you may use any development platform.

model solution

These are the class files (not the source!). First create a new directory (for example, project). Under this directory. Now download the file

SSLproject.jar to the new directory. Follow the instructions below:c:\work\project> jar -xvf SSLproject.jar

Part Ac:\work\project> java -help

c:\work\project> java -Dprime_size=500 -gen “hello world”

Part Bc:\work\project> java

c:\work\project> java hello

c:\work\project> java

c:\work\project> java xyz 123abc

Part COpen up two MS-DOS promptsIn MS-DOS prompt 1c:\work\project> java -Dserver.private_key=private_key.txt -Dserver.users=users.txt -Dserver.port=3445 ServerIn MS-DOS prompt 2c:\work\project> java Client xxx 3445 mickey < users.txtwhere xxx is your machine’s host name

You may also look at the documentation of the model solution, but don’t feel bound by it.

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