[Recommended] Home Life Looks Like

[Recommended] Home Life Looks Like


Write at least 2 pages in points.  Here in this case Victim is Husband and abuser is Wife.

Your letter should include the following details

Section #1 of your Personal Declaration Letter

· How you met the abuser (Wife)?

· How your relationship developed?

· How long did you date before you were married?

· Why you both decided to marry and were you in love?

· How long you have been married?

· Did you have children together?

· What your home life looks like together?

Section #2 of your Personal Declaration Letter

· When in the relationship did the abuse start? 

· Did your Wife behavior change? 

· Did you feel afraid that they would hurt you?

· How did your Wife act towards you after the abuse happened?

· Did you ever receive medical treatment?

· Did they verbally threaten you?

· Were you forced to do things you didn’t want to do?

· Did you free controlled?

· Did they hurt or threaten your children, family, friends, or your pets? 

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