[Recommended] • Hierarchical Trust Model

[Recommended] • Hierarchical Trust Model

Select ten key terms from chapter 6, ten key terms from chapter 7, ten key terms from chapter 8 and ten key terms from chapter 9 and type the definitions of each. Upload into canvas.

chapter 6: 

Digital certificate

• Dual control

• End-entity certificate

Hardware security

module (HSM)

• Hierarchical trust model

• Hybrid trust model

• Key archiving

Key escrow

• Key recovery

• Local registration

authority (LRA)

chapter 7 


Certificate Authority


Certificate Revocation

List (CRL)

Internet Security

Association and Key

Management Protocol


Key Terms

• IPsec

• Pretty Good Privacy


• Public key infrastructure



Internet Mail Extensions


chapter 8

Access tokens



BIOS passwords


• Contactless access cards


Crossover error rate


• Drive imaging

chapter 9

Internet Control

Message Protocol


• Internet Protocol (IP)


• Local area network


Media Access Control

(MAC) address

• Network Address

Translation (NAT)

• Network

• Packet

• Protocol

• Ring topology

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