[Recommended] Health Information Technology Evaluation

[Recommended] Health Information Technology Evaluation

 Evaluation Plan Project: Evaluation Methodology

The “why,” “who,” “when,” “what,” and “how” of HIT and informatics systems are the threads that are woven throughout the evaluation plan. They help formulate viewpoints and guide goals. Answers to these questions help ensure the positive effects of health information technology and systems on outcomes.

For this work, reflect on viewpoints and the answers to key questions about Health Information Technology Evaluation related to Interoperability. Then, describe the evaluation methodology plan to be used to evaluate the situation in a case study (need to develop a case study).

Work requirement:

In a 3-page describe the evaluation methodology plan to be used to evaluate interoperability in Health Information Technology (HIT). 

Be sure to address the following:

· Specify which research design, information sources, and data collection methods to use.

· Identify the types of analyses to perform on the gathered data.

· Provide a list of the stakeholders in your selected case study.

· Justify your selections.

· Write a paragraph describing the key components of your evaluation—the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “how” of your evaluation.

· Explain how you would measure success in your evaluation. Be specific.

· Explain how you would summarize your results. Be specific.

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