[Recommended] Health Care Team Members

[Recommended] Health Care Team Members


1.      What priority problem did you identify for Henry Williams?

2.      What is the rationale for recognizing Henry Williams’s shortness of breath and for initiating actions in a timely manner?

3.      What teaching strategies and information should be included during Henry Williams’s visit to the clinic?

4.      What appropriate assessments were made to help you decide what interventions Henry Williams needed?

5.      What was the relevance of the nursing communication with Henry Williams’s daughter-in-law, Betty?

7.      What health care team members may play a role in Henry Williams’s care and why?

8.      What actions should take place to improve Henry Williams’s quality of care?

Concluding Questions:

  • What nursing actions did you feel were appropriate within this scenario?
  • Reflecting on Henry Williams’s case, were there any actions you would do differently? 

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