[Recommended] Health Care Fieldyour Top

[Recommended] Health Care Fieldyour Top

Exam Content


You will create a personal plan specifically for your career situation and goals no matter whether you are starting from the beginning or already have some health care experience. Writing these goals and plans down allow you to flesh out ideas and options and give you a reference to look back to in the future. Identifying strategies for professional growth in health care will help you on your career journey and with your professionalism.

You will likely create this plan in a Microsoft Word document that you will upload into the Blackboard classroom. However, if you have a different idea of how you’d like to present this information, please reach out to your faculty member for approval.

Assignment Directions:

Create a 1,050- to 1,400-word plan for building your personal brand that includes the following:

  • Skills you will need to develop for your future career
  • Strategies you will employ to gain the required skills needed for your career choice or for future advancement opportunities in your existing career
  • Current skills you have that you can leverage (either personal or professional) to achieve a position with a potential health care employer
  • How you will project a professional image to potential employers, considering the effect of professionalism and etiquette
  • Strategies you will employ to search for, find, and get a job, or advance in your career
  • How you will measure the effectiveness of your brand-building strategies or strategies to advance your career
  • Strategies for continuing your professional growth and advancement once you are employed in the health care field
  • Your top 5 practices for career success, including descriptions

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