[Recommended] Graduating Class Feel

[Recommended] Graduating Class Feel


Select one type of special occasion speech from list:

1) Speech of Introduction

2) Speech of Acceptance

3) Speech of Presentation

4) Roast or Toast

5) Eulogy or Tribute

6) After Dinner Speech

7) Speech of Inspiration 

Give a 2 minute Special Occasion speech. Video record yourself and upload the speech to YouTube and post link to Discussion Board by 11:59 pm 4/3.Your assignment is to choose any of the types of Special Occasion speeches presented in your book and give a 1-2 minute speech. This is your chance to be creative! You can win a Grammy…..a Nobel prize…..give the toast at your future wedding….be valedictorian of your graduating class  — feel free to use your imagination and give any type of Special Occasion speech that you like! (This is the fun speech )

Public speaking 

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