[Recommended] Goats R Us Employees

[Recommended] Goats R Us Employees

  • The circuit from Athel Communications has a D mark in the new building. 
  • The CPE device is a Cisco 4500 series router with the HSSI link from Athel and 3 ethernet ports.
  • Goats R Us employees use Wired 20 desktops and Wireless 10 laptops or tablets. 
  • They want to be able to use email, share files, and print things.
  • The company also runs a website www.goatsrus.net that they wish to host in-house. 
  • They have a website designer and wish to host their site from a server 
  • Athel Communications has provisioned for Goats R Us to use as routable space.
  • The domain name goatsrus.com  

Propose a network design that will satisfy the customer requirements above.

Draw a logical layer topology for this network.

Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t know where to start I need help with making a logical layer topology diagram for this network.

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