[Recommended] Global Real Estate Marketplace

[Recommended] Global Real Estate Marketplace

One-Shot Travel

We are creating a new application in the tourism and hospitality sector. We called this app One-Shot Travel. Our application will use every opportunity from the blockchain. This application keeps inventory records with a distributed ledger, blockchain, and Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, is accepted for hotel reservations.

There are many applications in the tourism and hospitality market to accept bitcoin for paying for rooms or keeping records with blockchain. However, these applications are based on one segment, only booking rooms or finding plane tickets. Our application will serve to book a hotel room, find the best plane ticket, reserve the best restaurant, and find the best trip to the destination. For this reason, we decided our name is one shot because the customer can find every service in tourism and hospitality inside one application and with many benefits. Blockchain technology is used when booking flight tickets online, and we will provide payment with cryptocurrencies.

Our priory choice for database structure would be decentralized because we want to have a community-driven and ruled project which will create sustainability and efficiency in our model by distributing the authorities instead of one single authority. That will happen by the governance votes of the token holders and top 500 customers. When it comes to validating the transaction, we will have a proof of stake model. By having that, we will validate the transactions by the nodes bought by people or organizations that have staked the token. It will be efficient for our system by keeping the token’s value at some specific price and helping it not dump immediately. Also, it will be more environmentally friendly because compared to the proof of work model, we would not need to use computers/processors or any processing unit machines and help the environment by not using electricity.

We tried to compare Propy Inc and One-Shot Travel.

Property is a global real estate marketplace, and One-Shot Travel is for booking applications. When a customer buys any service, in these both applications, they can use cryptocurrency. The difference between this application is that One-Shot Travel is the platform that tracks, stores, and generates reports on customer activity, saving all the data to a private blockchain. Property is based on getting an offer from a seller, and it is an advantage to get more listings.

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