[Recommended] G Hiring Requirements

[Recommended] G Hiring Requirements

Profiling or Sexual Victimization in Prisons

You will have two choices of topics to research and read about Profiling or Sexual Victimization in Prisons.


1.   Is police profiling an ethical concern, a procedural issue that needs adjusting (reforming), or a criminal violation? Fully support your position. Understand that this has many possibilities from criminal profiling, racial profiling, to just police profiling.  Ensure that you understand the concept, then address the ethical issues.

2.  Sexual victimization article/study.

Sexual Violence in Prisons-Survey results.pdf

Do a short essay (containing 350-450 words) with at least three (3) outside references.


As someone entering into the criminal justice workforce, what specific questions do you have for someone who is currently working in the correctional system? Please specify five (5) questions you would like answers to (e.g., hiring requirements, hiring experience, culture, etc.). Each question is 2 points.

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