[Recommended] “ Fire Zine ”

[Recommended] “ Fire Zine ”

Play- Kamloopa by Kim Senklip Harvey 

PART 1:In short paragraphs and in your own words, answer each of the following questions. 1. Share your thoughts on the process for creating Kamloopa as described in the Foreword by Lindsay Lachance and/or in Kimi Clarke’s “FIRE ZINE!” resource.

2. Discuss a specific moment in Kamloopa that either: made a strong impression on you; or raised significant questions for you (or both!). As with previous questions of this kind, your aim should be to clearly and fully explain your response(s) to the selected moment, grounding your observations and/or questions explicitly in specifics drawn from the text.

 PART 2:Record your own potential discussion question for Kamloopa. 

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