[Recommended] Evaluate Source Qualitybe Approximately

[Recommended] Evaluate Source Qualitybe Approximately

 You will write a review of literature based on the technology (TELEHEALTH) you are investigating for your Course Project. A review of literature may be defined as an analysis of published information in a particular subject area. It has some similarities to an annotated bibliography, which you have completed in a previous class, but differs in important respects. An annotated bibliography focuses on annotations, or summaries, of sources. In contrast, a review of literature analyzes the sources, draws connections among them, and notes changes in thinking over time. A review of literature will focus on the following questions.

  • What are the key points of agreement among the sources?
  • What are the key points of disagreement among the sources?
  • Do any of the sources appear to be outliers? In other words, are there any sources that bring up issues, or make assertions, that the other sources do not discuss?
  • Which sources appear to be the most powerful or influential? Are there sources that all of the other sources deem highly authoritative?
  • Are there any sources whose assertions seem dubious, illogical, or unsupported by the facts?
  • How has thinking changed about your topic over time? Are there beliefs that have fallen out of favor?

Successful assignments will do the following.

  • Analyze at least five sources from reputable publications
  • Demonstrate points of similarities and differences, note patterns, and evaluate source quality
  • Be approximately 750–1,000 words in length
  • Be formatted per current APA standards, including a separate title page and references page

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