[Recommended] Er Diagramer Diagram Notationser

[Recommended] Er Diagramer Diagram Notationser

Requirements of signature assignment dbms. Deadline (04/12/2022)

Pick the easy one from below

Car rental system database

Payroll management system database

Each and every student should give presentation of assinment and should execute the queries in lab and show the output.


Everything important points would be in bullet points.


What is entity relation/err

Uses of ER diagrams

Conceptual Design- ER model

Components of ER DiagramER Diagram Notations

ER diagram

ER diagram Explanation

Each query should have explanation and includes output.

Queries (includes all type of queries,  joins  trigger, calculus part)

Each queries should executed in class and show up

You need to give representation and explanation of signature assignment.

My requirements- I need each and every I query in notepad.

If possible do it putty software.

Login details.


User name – 19626sv

Password-  5bS76301

mysql -u 19626sv -p


 connect to mysql-=use 19626sv


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