[Recommended] Effectively “ Contextualize ”

[Recommended] Effectively “ Contextualize ”

Conduct a sociological imagination of their experience with “corporate sport,” the dominant mode of sport under late capitalism.

Second, do online research on this chosen sport using the Internet and resources (databases and catalog). Learn about the state of the sport in the twenty- first century: is it dominated by professional leagues/associations? How is the sport organization? How much revenue is generated yearly from the sport? How do people engage with the sport (participatory? Mostly spectator/fan-based?)

Third, develop paragraphs based on their interrogation of the ways in which late capitalist processes (i.e., corporatization, marketization, branding) have impacted and impact the sport today.

It should effectively “contextualize” the sport by situating it in the context and processes of late capitalism and the corporate sport model.

There are source requirements for this assignment:.
It should address questions such as the following:
1. What is your personal experience with the sport?
2. How has the sport been impacted by the processes of late capitalism (corporatization,
marketization, branding)?
3. Where can we see the impact of late capitalism in the sport (in other words, what are a
few examples of late capitalism’s impact)?
4. How are late capitalism processes impacting our consumption and enjoyment of the sport

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