[Recommended] Educating High School Students

[Recommended] Educating High School Students


Visit the Healthy People website using the imbedded link:


Review  their 26 leading health indicators (LHI). Identify 3 important  indicators that you would like to promote as a community health nurse.  Discuss why these three indicators are important to you? Identify a  primary, secondary or tertiary prevention strategy that you would use to  improve the health of people in the community using one of these  selected indicators.   For example, smoking among adolescents is one  LHI; this may be important to someone if a family member or friend began  smoking in high school and developed lung cancer. A primary prevention  strategy could be educating high school students about the effects of  smoking; a secondary strategy would be to screening people who smoke for  early detection of disease; tertiary prevention would be smoking  cessation to limit damage and disability.

Initial post due on Wednesday. For this post only, you do not need to respond to your peers.

To receive maximum credit for discussion questions, please adhere to the following: Include a minimum of 250-300 words and two professional references, one of which, may be Stanhope and both references must be cited in your discussion.

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