[Recommended] Discuss Three Financial Management

[Recommended] Discuss Three Financial Management

1.Cash Flow

2.Capital Budgeting

3.Risk and Return

We will open each chapter first. and I attach the full assignment given by the professor. We will answer the questions he has uploaded. 3 paragraphs of explanation for each chapter (1-2-3).

added by the professor,

To be successful in the field of financial management, it is imperative that the financial manager is knowledgeable of all aspects of the business organization. It is critical for the financial manager to actively participate in decision-making process before a business decision is made to minimize financial loss or maximize the financial wealth of the organization. Identify and discuss three financial management concepts that every financial manager should understand. In you discussion, be sure to include: 

  • An introduction to the concept(s)
  • Why it is important for a financial manager to understand the concept(s) that you have identified
  • What key elements must the financial manager understand about the concepts that you have identifie

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