[Recommended] Different Options Like Bone

[Recommended] Different Options Like Bone

Can you develop a doctor appointment booking website that provides patients or any user to log in and creates an account same for the doctor? If the patient logins, then he can have access to view his details, book appointments, cancel the appointment, doctor details in the same way if the doctor logins he can view his appointments and patient id. , it is completely related to personal details of patient like patient id which is unique to each patient and includes its name, gender, phone number and age. So, by having had this patient details in the data base it will be easy for the doctor to get his previous record by his unique Id. And whenever a patient books his appointment with his id his details can be recorded.

 In the 3rd screen,which is the  main part of the project, after the patient login we are having a screen to book appointments when he opens he can enter his booking id which is his patient id and we are having categories as different patients will have different problems according to that they have to consult the doctor so inthis categoryr,y we are having different options like bone ,a  cardiac, neurologist .We willl are alsohaving the option to select the doctors by their names.

We are having a date option so the patient can book on days for supposing the appointments are filled it will display in the calendar.

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