[RECOMMENDED]: Cybersecurity Policy Effectiveness

[RECOMMENDED]: Cybersecurity Policy Effectiveness

All posts must be a minimum of 250 words. APA reference. 100% original work. no plagiarism.

Discuss how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the Social Engineering policy addressed below in terms of achieving its objectives.


Social engineering is an illegal act of penetrating systems through manipulation. The perpetrators use all means of manipulation to exploit the weaknesses of others. The manipulation gives them access to the private information of the victims, which can be used in gaining access to protected systems. Greavu-Serban & Serban (2014) define social engineering as the use of social skills to obtain private information like passwords, credit card details, and usernames that allow access to protected systems. An agency like International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) requires various security policies to protect them from social engineering. IAEA, like most organizations, faces the threat of social engineering, which has been on the increase. 

The threat of social engineering keeps on increasing daily. The increase of employees working from home has magnified the threat with increased security policies required to protect the employees and the organization. At IAEA, a policy on training and education can be implemented to protect the organization and the employees. The policy will ensure training and education for all the employees at IAEA. Training and education ensure all the employees receive cybersecurity awareness training (Alharthi & Regan, 2021). The training and education will ensure the employees learn all the types of social engineering attacks like phishing, vishing and smishing, tailgating, and piggybacking. All the employees, including the top executives and managers, should participate in the training. The policy will give the employees a chance to understand how they can contribute towards information security at the organization. It also helps them protect themselves against social engineering. 


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