[Recommended] Criminal Justice – Cj

[Recommended] Criminal Justice – Cj

            Finding a sandtrack

1.   Select a song that motivates you

be considerate of explicit + inappropriate


2.  consider how the cong relates to Professionalism and Success in Criminal Justice – CJ 201 Concepts, goals, And objective.

COURSE OBJECTIVES:This course will provide you with an opportunity to increase your knowledge and understanding of tools regarding academic, practical, and professional success. Topics of interest include scholarship, career pathways, professional communication and behavior, and networking. Therefore, upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • 1. Describe the importance of scholarship in criminal justice
  • 2. Outline various local, state, and federal pathways to a career in criminal justice
  • 3. Understand the importance of researcher-practitioner relationships
  • 4. Relate concepts of professionalism to your future (or current) academic and professional careers

3.   Write a reflection on this relationship.

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