[Recommended] Consumer Buying Process Would

[Recommended] Consumer Buying Process Would

Marketing Strategy
The goal of a marketing strategy is to increase sales and stay current with how a market is behaving. Present this strategy in a way that communicates why this strategy will be effective, and defend your claims. Remember that when creating a presentation, you should ensure that the elements used display a level of professionalism and do not distract viewers from the key points being presented.


  1. Overall marketing campaign
    1. Define the goals of your marketing campaign for your segment.
    2. Determine channels through which you will market the product to your segment. Justify your response.
    3. Develop a messaging strategy, including sample messaging, for each channel you identified.
  2. One-to-one marketing campaign
    1. Define one-to-one marketing, and describe how you will incorporate it into your overall marketing campaign.
    2. Describe which stage(s) in the consumer buying process would best lend itself to one-to-one marketing.
    3. Determine a one-to-one marketing strategy that would work for the stage(s) you identified and explain why it aligns with your segment.

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