[Recommended] Conditions Including Error Conditions

[Recommended] Conditions Including Error Conditions

NOTE:  This is a little different than what is described in video.  

Create one script that does two things.  It creates a backup of your directory or performs a security check to be sure the files have not been changed without you knowing. 

Your script must do the following:

1) If the user indicates option 1 on the command line, it performs a backup of your home directory structure.

2) If the user indicates option 2 on the command line,  to does a security check. The script checks if any files in a directory have changed (use sha1sum and diff).  You will need to create a temporary file to hold the new data so you can compare the two. You code should also do the following:

  • Create a maintenance log of who (username) and when (date) the hash checks were completed.  Store the date and name in a file called maintenance.  If the file already exists the code should append to the end.
  • Make sure you check to be sure if you can read the file and you can write to it before doing it. If you can’t print out an error.  
  • The script should print out the name of the file(s) that changed and its old and new hash. 
  • Prove that your code works: 
    • Show maintenance log
    • Show all conditions including error conditions working 

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