[Recommended] Comprehensive Level 1 Trauma

[Recommended] Comprehensive Level 1 Trauma


VCU Medical Center formerly known as MCV (Medical College of Virginia) located at 1250 E.  Marshall Street Richmond, VA 23219. Their web address is vcuhealth.org. The main hospital number is 804-828-7929. Setting on 52.4 acres of land. Providing out-patient and in-patient care. VCU Health is a teaching hospital (Academic Medical Center). It’s a comprehensive level 1 trauma unit specializing in adult, pediatric and burn trauma care. Equipped to handle the most complex traumatic injuries. The Medical Department of Hampton -Sydney College received an independent charter from the general assembly in 1854 and became the Medical College of VA (MCV) and shortly thereafter transferred all its property to the Commonwealth and became a state institution in 1860.

Mission Statement

We preserve and restore health for all people of Virginia and beyond through innovation in service research and education.


We lead the nation in quality affordability and impact as a trusted and preferred academic health system.

VCU health is known for their distinguished physicians, excellence in nursing and state of the art technology. It was named the world’s best hospital in 2021.

 There are 34,947 admissions and 237,770 patient days. It is a non-profit 501(c) 3 with 811 licensed beds and 756 staffed beds. It’s a federal funded and a community owned hospital with more than 13,000 employees.

Major departments are the trauma unit, burn unit, and pediatric department offering state of the art services. VCU health provides care to all. They use financial screening which is available to uninsured or under insured patients to see what they can pay out of pocket or if they fall in the discounted self-pay rate or just straight indigent care programs to cover their needed care. Most programs are state sponsored programs. VCU provides care to all in need of care no matter how intense or traumatic your problem may be.


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