[Recommended] Complete Job Description Provided

[Recommended] Complete Job Description Provided


You work for a large company that is hiring a social media director, a position the company has not had before. You know that some current employees may be qualified for the new position, so you want to encourage them to apply because they would already have knowledge about the company’s products, services, and culture. 

However, in the past few years, despite encouraging applications from current employees, new hires have been external candidates, and you know that some employees who applied for those positions have a little resentment about not getting hired. 

A full description of the position, including requirements and salary, is available on many job boards and the company’s website (www.companyname.com). Applications (résumé and cover letter) must be emailed to [email protected] by midnight of the last day of next month. Internal candidates must apply in the same way an external candidate would, by submitting their cover letter and résumé.

Prepare a MEMO encouraging internal employees to apply for the new position. That memo will be distributed to all departments and posted publicly for everyone to see. Note, you should not describe the position in the memo; just refer employees to the complete job description provided on the company’s website. The purpose of the memo is not to announce the position (that’s done on the company website) but to encourage current employees to apply for the position (and refer them to the job announcement on the company website for details).  

Use all principles studied so far in the course (Six Cs of Communication, positive emphasis, “you” approach, formatting and organization, etc.). The document should use appropriate memo formatting. Remember, the name of an attached file should be descriptive and short!

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