[RECOMMENDED]: COMP 2: Can You Change Someone’s Mind With the Six?

[RECOMMENDED]: COMP 2: Can You Change Someone’s Mind With the Six?

 750 WORDS


This week you will be introduced to the six core argument types while building upon your knowledge of the rhetorical situation and avoiding fallacious reasoning. We are going to take a deep dive into making hybrid arguments. This is going to require you to identify each type of argument claim (e.g. Definition, resemblance, causal, evaluation, ethical, and proposal) and connect this argument to an audience. As you read and work through this week, consider the reflexive relationship between moving an audience and changing your rhetoric.

Module Objectives:

  1. Classify the features and technical structure of the six core argument types and understand how claim types function together in hybrid argument 
  2. Determine how various claim types come together to form multidimensional, hybrid arguments
  3. Identify the rhetorical appeals and distinguish these moves in other texts
  4. Apply appropriate genre for the rhetorical context

Chapter Readings:
Writing Arguments: A Rhetoric with Readings 11e, Part Four: Arguments in Depth: Types of Claims

  • Chapter 11 “An Introduction to the Types of Claims”  p. 212-220
  • Chapter 12 “Definition and Resemblance Arguments” p. 221-240
  • Chapter 13 “Causal Arguments” p. 250-265
  • Chapter 14 “Evaluation and Ethical Arguments” p. 280-294
  • Chapter 15 “Proposal Arguments” p. 306-323


Follow the prompts in the Can you Change Someone’s Mind With the Six Assignment Sheet 


  • See the assignment sheet for grading rubric.
  • Assignments need to be submitted .doc(x) format.

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