[Recommended] Bullseye Company Sold 250

[Recommended] Bullseye Company Sold 250

On October 1, 20X1, Bullseye Company sold 250,000 gallons of diesel fuel to Schmidt Co. at $3 per gallon. On November 8, 20X1, 150,000 gallons were delivered; on December 27, 20X1, another 50,000 gallons were delivered; and on January 15, 20X2, the remaining 50,000 gallons were delivered. Payment terms are 10% due on October 1, 20X1; 50% due on first delivery; 20% due on the next delivery; and the remaining 20% due on final delivery.


  1. Do each of the three deliveries represent a distinct performance obligation?
  2. What amount of revenue should Bullseye recognize from this sale during 20X1?

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