[Recommended] Biologically Active Tissue

[Recommended] Biologically Active Tissue


Urine is viewed as a waste product excreted from the body after a short time in the bladder. However, the quality and composition of urine have future implications and should inform an individual of the next cause of action. Barasch et al. (2018) indicate that the physical characteristics of urine can be an essential element in informing the body’s wellness. That means assessing the urine pH is critical in maintaining the bladder’s health. Therefore, the physical characteristics of urine can report the malfunctions in the kidney, which should then trigger a medical examination to improve its well-being.

      The role of urine microbiota in the quality and composition of urine is a topic of concern. According to Barasch et al. (2018), is concerned of whether pathological changes in the microbiota can affect the quality of urine and subsequent bladder infections. From my experience, the urinary system has the sole purpose of excreting urine. There has never been a concern on whether the quality of urine can talk about body wellness. Therefore, is it right to use the physical characteristics of urine to dictate the foods and drinks we take since urine is based on what people eat and drink?


Barasch, J., Bavendam, T., Birder, L., Buffington, T., Campeau, L., & Dmochowski, R. et al. (2018). Urine: Waste product of biologically active tissue?. Neurourology And Urodynamics37(3), 1162-1168. https://doi.org/10.1002/nau.2341

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