[Recommended] Attached Apa7 Ppt Presentation

[Recommended] Attached Apa7 Ppt Presentation


Need in 24 hours!

MUST BE ORIGINAL WORK – They are checking through Turnitin

Assignment Instructions:

The purpose of this week’s assignment focuses on debt and risk.  You will be completing a 3 page paper with three sections:

  • Section 1: Identify and analyze your debts – What assets secure your debts? What assets do your debts finance?      What is the cost of your debts? What determined those costs? What risks do      you undertake by being in debt? How can being in debt help you build  wealth?
  • Section 2: Risk and the 5C’s – Are you considered a default risk? How would a lender      evaluate you based on “the five C’s” of character, capacity,      capital, collateral, and conditions? How could you plan to make yourself      more attractive to a lender in the future?
  • Section 3: Review video and comment – Discuss the Tim Clue video on debt. What makes this      comedy spot funny? What makes it not funny? What does it highlight about      the appropriate uses of debt?

Complete a 3 page paper. Use the template provided. Follow APA format, including a title page, introduction, conclusion, citations, and a minimum of one scholarly reference (not Wikipedia or Investopedia). It’s a help to turn on the MS Word grammar and spell checker, these will find errors before your professor does, and that can significantly raise your grade.  Also, always read over your work and listen for incomplete, confusing, or problem sentences.

See the attached APA7 PPT presentation, it can help you with citing and referencing in APA style.

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