[RECOMMENDED]: Assignment

[RECOMMENDED]: Assignment

1. Describe in detail the current level of your commitment to patient safety. Where are you in the journey that Jeff took, and what do you need to move forward?

2. Describe the characteristics of a high-reliability organization, then compare and contrast your current organization with that standard.

3. Explain the concept of competing commitments, and give examples of competing commitments in your setting.

4. Describe the use of the Swiss cheese model in error prevention and detection.

5. Pick a health-risk or safety-risk behavior and, using the Stages of Change model, describe how you would change that behavior.

6. Give two examples of modifying behavioral drivers to change behavior.

7. Define positive deviance, and give two examples of how it can be used to effect culture change.

8. Detail the workings of the Just Culture algorithm, and give an example of each of the four kinds of errors it addresses, including their remediation.

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