[Recommended] Answer Mac Emb Msa

[Recommended] Answer Mac Emb Msa

On Dec 25, 2017, your medical staff was notified by the lab of a positive S. aureus culture on a 38-year-old patient. The patient noted that he packed a lunch, for his day at the beach, and forgot in the car while surfing at the beach on Dec 24, 2017, but ate it anyway. During your investigation, the patient noted he had salami, ham, egg salad and a delicious cream pastry. After surfing for 5 hours he consumed his meal and began to experience vomiting, fever(high) and some diarrhea(watery) around 11p.m. Prior to becoming ill, he noted that two of his family members, also eating the same meat, were ill two days prior.

In accordance with the FDOH Guidelines for the Surveillance, Investigation of a Foodborne illness, a full epidemiological and environmental investigation was initiated. The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) was notified of the outbreak by the Regional Environmental Epidemiologist (REE).

Epidemiologic Investigation

The patient’s medical records, reported nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea which began on Dec 24, 2017.

Laboratory Analysis

Clinical specimens were collected and tested on 1 additional family members and resulted positive.

Laboratory Results- justify your answer




What other differential or selective/ preliminary testing would you use in order to treat the identified cases? Why? What would be the results these tests were completed?

Treatment plan:

Susceptibility test results and course of treatment


Were all identified cases confirmed? (Hypothetical) How was this identified?


Possible food sources; signs and symptoms

Duration of the illness and onset time after ingestion

Mode of transmission; vehicle

Common name

This discussion is worth 15 point

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