[Recommended] Address Unique Learning Styles

[Recommended] Address Unique Learning Styles

Please review the following videos:



The classroom management strategies that are part of your ePortfolio will include an introductory activity (anticipatory sets) to motivate your students, and activities that address unique learning styles and the student diversity. They are aligned with specific learning goals.

Create one of the four activities required for the classroom management section of the ePortfolio.

Imagine that you are teacher in the under resourced school described and propose an activity that you would implement into your classroom. Be sure to address a specific learning goal, grade level, anticipatory set, ways to address diverse learners, and motivational strategies used.

The activity can be designed for the grade level and subject of your choice. The activity should help your students meet learning goals and address the needs of diverse learners in a positive motivational atmosphere. Draw on theories of motivation, instructional strategies that enhance motivation, and the characteristics of the learning environment as you create your activity. Write a brief paragraph explaining the types of motivational strategies you used and why you believe they will be successful with the group of students in the scenario.

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