[Recommended] Address Employees ’ Requests

[Recommended] Address Employees ’ Requests

ecialist, a company of 250 workers that distributes artisanal products and traditional food for shops and supermarkets. Is over 10 years old of activity, are in a maturity or consolidation phase, and have a 79% permanent staff between all departments. Mainly the functional areas that make up the company are: General management, administration, HR, commercial and sales, production (packaging and packaging), quality and customer service.

For now they have focused on the sale of products to large stores, but they want to reach a potential target such as the local client and residents of the surrounding towns. In these areas large stores do not exist and they believe that there is potential to open a market and sell their products in small establishments.

The company has grown so fast in the last 2 years and they ask you to design a Learning Plan adapted to the company. Please, define:

  • –  The Learning conviction & definition for TRADICIÓ S.L.
  • –  Goals of the Learning Plan.
  • –  Methods used.
  • –  Kind of Learning approaches.
  • –  Define the company learning actors & roles and their responsibilities.
  • –  Calendar with all learning activities & actions during the year (be specific).
  • –  Budget: Define the process of budget validation.
  • –  Define levels of priority to address employees’ requests.
  • –  Policy: specific rules to be followed.

please no plagiarism

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