[Recommended] Activity Address ■ Use

[Recommended] Activity Address ■ Use

CD 453 Curriculum and Creative Activities

Activity Plan Defense


Activity plans are utilized in early childhood settings to outline the goals for the children’s learning, teaching methods and materials, and environmental design of a classroom. Essentially, activity plans are a teacher’s guide for instruction. One important component of planning is making sure that you can select and critically analyze the activities you choose for the children in your classroom. As an early childhood professional, you should not only have the ability to select developmentally and age-appropriate activities but explain and defend your selections.

For this assignment, students will create a presentation demonstrating the process used as well as defending/justifying the selection of an activity used to create an activity plan.  This assignment is a way for students to be intentional regarding thinking about what the activity will do for children, how to encourage them to continue interacting with the activity, what is developmentally appropriate for the target age range of your children, and how to decision/modify so that it is accessible for all children within the classroom.


After creating your activity plan (Social Studies), you will be assigned a week to create and present an activity plan defense. As you are creating your activity plan you will address and answer each of the following questions to help you prepare or your defense presentation:

●       How would I describe this activity to parents/family?

●       Who is this activity appropriate for?

●       Why did I choose this activity?

○       What domain am I addressing?

○       What skills/concepts does this activity address?

■       Use MS Early Learning Standards for Infant to Four-Year-Old 

●       What materials will I need to implement this activity?

○       What age-appropriate materials do I need?

●       What makes this activity developmentally appropriate?

●       When/how will I incorporate the activity?

○       How can I include this activity throughout the week?

●       How will I engage and interact with children during activity?

●       What and how will I assess the activity?

After you have completed your activity plan and answered the above questions. You will create and present a short Power Point presentation (about 5 to 7 minutes). Your presentation will include the following:

·        At least 8 slides

o   Addressing each of the guiding questions

·        Images/graphics to support/clarify explanations

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