[Recommended] 800 W Randal Mill

[Recommended] 800 W Randal Mill

Your Assignment for Week 9 is to provide 1-one Hospital Survey Overview -Assessment & Report of Findings. 

  • Be sure to include the name of the Hospital Organization or Entity and Your Name at the top of the Report of Findings.
  • Post the completed Survey and Critique to the Discussion Board.

Save and Post the document by the following naming  conventions:     


“NTHCS_VA_Dallas-RByars.ppt and NTHCS_VA_Dallas-RByars.doc”

Do this on Texas Health Memorial (Behavioral)  800 W Randal mill road, Arlington, 76012

I have attached example for this assignment

Please follow that______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

*Save and Post the document by the following naming   conventions:     

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