[Recommended] 8 Accounting Using Ports

[Recommended] 8 Accounting Using Ports

Use Cisco Packet Tracer for this exercise. Create a RoS (Router on a stick. Using 2 pc’s per department:



Only use 1 cable to the router. Use network addresses 

The following list below are VLAN’s Sales using ports 2-8 

Accounting using ports 9-16 

Marketing using ports 17-24 

-Give a name to each vlan and a description to each vlan 

Using router 2811, fa0/0 is the outside port, and fa0/1 inside. 

Using 2960 switch – do not use the gigabit ports. 

Use fa0/1 to connect to inside of router. 

forward all traffic on router accordingly 

set gateway on switch accordingly 

-set the appropriate IP address on the main inside interface of router. 

You should be able to ping between the router and the pc’s 

Ping from each pc to the router and each gateway of of the router. 

Ping from one pc to another (All pc’s can ping each other)

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