[Recommended] 5D 4 Part

[Recommended] 5D 4 Part

Part 1

 Your first set of slides (for Chapters 1 and 2) These slides will establish the basis for using play as a learning tool as well as the theoretical foundation. Be careful not to be too wordy – remember parents want this information but in short snippets. Check out PowerPoint examples if you are unsure about formatting, wording, etc. Each set of slides will be evaluated, and points awarded per module. 

 Each module will require you to discuss the high points of each chapter in 3-5 slides per chapter. For example, for Chapter 1 you will want to discuss the importance of play-based learning and explain the research used to support play as a learning tool; Chapter 5 discusses how to set up a classroom with learning centers. For Chapter 2 you will want to show the importance of establishing an emotionally supportive and equitable environment.

  Here is the book for Part 1:   


Part 2 Assignment Look at the attachment and fill out reading chapter 2 and 4 Attached is a chart that includes the terms you will encounter in this week’s readings. Begin to fill out the chart from the multiple resources provided. You will only fill out the chart for Module 1 at this time. 

Here is the book link https://yuzu.vitalsource.com/reader/books/9780134090283/epubcfi/6/20%5B%3Bvnd.vst.idref%3DP700049921000000000000000001597D%5D!/4

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