[Recommended] 452 Unix Operating System

[Recommended] 452 Unix Operating System


You will learn about compression utilities speed vs compression rate.


Time Required: 30 minutes

  1. Use Ubuntu VM or Subsystem to create a new directory with the name ec4 Navigate to the new directory Take a screenshot
  2. Create a new text file and name it mylargefile.txt and type your first and last name 100 times in the created text file as follows:
  3. Take a screenshot then save the large text file and Exit.
  4. Tar the large text file “mylargefile.txt” using the three utilities learned in lesson
    11 by typing:
    tar -czf gzarchive.tar.gz mylargefile.txt tar -cjf bz2archive.tar.bz2 mylargefile.txt tar -cJf xzarchive.tar.xz mylargefile.txt
    Take a screenshot showing all three commands above.
  5. Type ls -la to get a detailed view of your files and Take a screenshot
  6. What is the size of each one of the three compressed archives (gzarchive.tar.gz, bz2archive.tar.bz2, xzarchive.tar.xz) in Kilobytes ? _______________________________________________________________
  7. Run the following commands to check the compression time using the three compression utilities:
    time bzip2 -1v bz2archive.tar.bz2
    time gzip -1v gzarchive.tar.gz

page1image10817280 page1image10817472 page1image4541280 page1image10817664 page1image10817856page1image10818048

time xz -1v xzarchive.tar.xz Take a screenshot


IS 552/452 Unix Operating System Principles Spring 2022

8. Rank all three utilities (gzip, bizp2, and xz) according to their compression time from faster to slower.


What to Submit

Submit all Screenshots and answers to questions in a word document and upload your document 


5 screenshots = 75 points
2 questions = 25 points (12.5 each)

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