[Recommended] 3 Different Pictures Displayed

[Recommended] 3 Different Pictures Displayed

 Read chapter 9.Modify the slot program from the book with the following changes:1. Add two extra windows in the stats group box: one is called BET (this is the amount of dollars the user wants to bet on each game, amount cannot be more than the balance); the other is called WIN (this is the amount of money won by the user on each game, use a negative amount when it’s a loss).2. Ask user how much money to start with instead of using Account =20 on the program. This will be the initial amount to place in Account window.3. – When user loses (i.e. 3 different pictures displayed), subtract 1x BET amount to the account. Display value in WIN with a negative amount.    – When user wins 2 (i.e. 2 same pictures displayed), add 2x BET amount to the account. Display amount in WIN with a positive amount.   – When user wins 3 (i.e. jackpot), add 5x BET amount to the Account. Display amount in WIN with a positive amount.Remember the Account value window calculates the user balance after each game.4. Add the following: User Wins and Game is over if: Account Window is 0 or les or Account Window is 10 times or more of user initial amount (For instance, let’s say user starts playing with 30 and the Account window is 300 or more).Display a notice to show: how many games it takes the user to win and user Account balance.

* Remember to also submit a text file of the entire program (not an image), screenshots of the output, and the .bas file.


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