[Recommended] 2012 Recommend 1

[Recommended] 2012 Recommend 1

Submit a business report as a Word Document that is based on your detailed analysis from the week 2 assignment in which you:

Identify 1 country that the organization you selected in week one should consider expanding to and thorough discussion in detail your rationale of the country and why you are considering that country

  Analyze in detail that potential international market by considering the 4 aspects of the Diamond of National Advantage:

  1. Industry rivalry,
  2. Demand conditions,
  3. Related and supporting industries,
  4. Factor endowments.

 Analyze in detail  the forces (in the home market and international market) that will help the organization succeed with its expansion and the forces that may act as barriers/hindrances to that expansion based on and correlated/referenced to:

  • Your analysis of strengths and weaknesses completed in Week 1,
  • Porter’s Five Forces worksheet from Week 3,
  • Your analysis of the Diamond of National Advantage.

  Evaluate in detail the 4 adjustments leaders must make when expanding internationally (Burkus, 2012).

Recommend 1 specific leadership action for each adjustment:

  • Developing a global mindset,
  • Developing sensitivity to cultural differences,
  • Decentralizing,
  • Deciding on the level of involvement, etc.

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