[Recommended] 201 Waterfront St

[Recommended] 201 Waterfront St


Using the details below, write an EMAIL to be sent to all faculty, staff, and students announcing the cancellation of APUS commencement.


  • It is Wednesday, and commencement was planned for this weekend with alumni events on Friday and the graduation ceremony on Saturday.
  • Commencement was to be held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center near Washington, DC.
  • The address for the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center is 201 Waterfront St., National Harbor, MD, 20745.
  • There was devastating fire damage two days ago at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. 
  • There will be another announcement made by email within the week with details concerning rescheduling commencement.
  • Cancelling commencement does not affect conferral dates for degrees.
  • Contact the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center for refund information for hotel rooms if a room was booked at this hotel; do not contact APUS.
  • The cause of the fire is unknown.
  • APUS spent a lot of time and money planning an exciting commencement weekend of events.
  • Each year, one graduate and one undergraduate are selected to win a trip to commencement and wear action cameras that will live stream their walk across the stage so graduates all over the world can see and feel the excitement of Commencement. 
  • Your job title is APUS Commencement Coordinator.

Organize, include, AND exclude any details from the above list to accomplish your purpose for your audience. Do NOT use the exact wording of sentences from this list of details. The details are listed in no particular order.

Use all principles of writing studied so far in the course (Six Cs of Communication, positive emphasis, “you” approach, message formatting and organization, etc.). The document should use appropriate email formatting. Remember, the name of an attached file should be descriptive and short!

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