[Recommended] 2005 Pdf Lifting

[Recommended] 2005 Pdf Lifting


Lifting techniques/mechanics are always a hot top, and rightfully so. These techniques and mechanics can be debated based on what the individual is training for. For example, should an athlete use a conventional deadlift stance or sumo stance? Is it best for athletes to squat with toes forward or slightly pointed outwards? Should an Olympic weight lifter squat the same as a power lifter? Regardless, there are foundational components that any coach, trainer, or lifter should consider. For this assignment, there are 2 parts. In part 1, you need to assess the lifting techniques for the deadlift seen in the pictures below. Part 2 has you looking at the research (see attached PDF’s) surrounding the use of a weight belt and its efficacy. Please submit a word document answering the questions below. Be sure to follow current APA guidelines (title page, running head, page number(s), proper in text citations, and a reference page).

Part 1

Compare the lifters’ techniques in pictures attached:

Keep in mind that a neutral spine is desired when lifting any object from the floor. Using your knowledge of human spinal anatomy, explain which of the 3 photos above is the most correct technique and why.  

Next, identify the technique issues in the other two photos, and using anatomical terminology, explain why they are incorrect. Identify at least one potential musculoskeletal injury that the lifter would be susceptible to if they continue using this technique. Explain the anatomy of that injury and common treatment options. Be sure to cite credible outside sources to support your analysis.

Part 2

One of the most common debates regarding spinal health for athletes revolves around the use of lifting belts. Review the two articles posted in this week’s Blackboard content and evaluate the pros and cons for athletes using lifting belts. Consider both injury prevention and athletic performance as the primary factors in making this decision. As a coach/ATC, would you recommend your athletes use lifting belts? Explain your reasoning, as well as any conditional factors that may be relevant (such as when, how, and how often the belt is worn). Finally, explain the human anatomy that naturally acts as a support system for the spine. Your response should be 250-500 words. Cite any additional sources used, if applicable. 

 Weight Belts McGill (2005).pdf
Lifting Belts Renfro (2006).pdf 

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