[Recommended] 200 Words Per Question

[Recommended] 200 Words Per Question


  1. Consider common points of contention in organizations such as headquarters and field or subsidiary offices, day shift and night shift, sales and support, kitchen and wait staff, back office, and front office. Why do you think many organizations struggle with lateral capability? What are some of the barriers to cross-department coordination in your experience?
  2. Consider a problem you have experienced with cross-department coordination. How was the problem addressed? Should a “greater” or “lesser” type of lateral capability have been chosen? What would have been the consequences of using a different type? What benefits or drawbacks did you witness?

Submission Instructions:

  • Your initial post should be 100-200 words per question, formatted and cited in current APA style. 
  •  Please post your initial response by 9:00 PM ET Thursday, 

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