[Recommended] 2 Sentences Website

[Recommended] 2 Sentences Website

Download the worksheet provided for this assignment.

Respond to the questions according to the directions within the document (space for your answers is provided).

***Please use the attached Week 2 worksheet to do this assignment. 

*** Attached is the week 1 assignment I did for this class. Please use the SAME companies as listed in week 1. In place of B2B company Samsung, please choose Dropbox as B2B company. All the other companies should stay the same!

***Attached is the assignment I submitted for week 2 and it was completely incorrect so the pdf file that is attached are the comments from professor to do it correctly. Please follow that and choose right companies with correctly written.

Also include 5 to 6 sentences on B2B company Dropbox

Name of your selected B2B company: 

Short description of what the company does (1-2 sentences): 

Website URL: 

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