[Recommended] 2 Page Double Spaced

[Recommended] 2 Page Double Spaced

  I need help with the question below

  1. Throughout      the semester we have read about challenges faced by different individuals      with different identities (race, gender, age, etc.) in the workplace.      Depending on the focus of the organization you are reviewing, which 2 of      the challenges you have read about in this course does this organization      address? How does the organization address these challenges? (1-2 pages,      double space). Hint: you have to cite the reading/s that discuss the      challenges.
  2. Based      on what you have read in this course so far, make two recommendations to      this organization. The recommendations can focus on improving existing      programs and policies or creating new ones to meet challenges that you      think are important for the individuals the organization serves. Hint:      Cite readings from the course to support your recommendations (1-2 page      double spaced 

I have attached all the required references

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